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When Dependable Performance is Critical

Emissions Recovery Unit

Packing Emission Solution
Encapsuled scroll compressor
15 Horsepower System
Capabilites of 1250 SCFH
Discharge pressures to 150 Psig

ERU (Emissions Recovery Unit)

The EPA has recognized that the issue of fugitive emissions emitted from compressor packing boxes, gas-operated control valves and pumps contributes up to 72.4 BCF of methane per year into the atmosphere. All packing systems leak under normal conditions. Continued servicing, packing replacement or flaring of these gas emissions is costly and not a total solution. TESCORP VentMaster ERU recovers and returns these gases back to the process.

TESCORP has designed, tested, and is manufacturing a standard “gas vapor emissions recovery system” for use with existing gas compression systems and gas-operated components.

This unit addresses the issue of leaking piston rod packing systems and vented gas from gas compressors, gas-operated valves, pumps, and pneumatic systems by:

  • Recovering the gas from the compressor packing box by utilizing the ERU capacity controls to maintain a positive pressure in the packing case. The vapors are then evacuated by the TESCORP ERU that produces a slight vacuum as necessary to capture and transport all leaking emissions
  • The TESCORP “ERU” system is capable of capacities of 1500 scfh and discharge pressures of up to 160 psig

This system allows existing dry gas pipeline compressor systems to meet the requirements for compliance to EPA “New Source Performance Standards” (40 CFR 60 Subpart 0000a).

Designed and constructed as a complete system for ease of installation and operation, the "Ventmaster ERU" emissions recovery units are complete "plug & Play" with:

  • Encapsulated 15 horsepower compressor unit without packing or seals to leak
  • 3-Phase/460VAC VFD with controller for totally automatic operation and capacity control
  • NEC Class I, Division II controls with customer interface and local fault annunciation
  • Inlet receiver with condensate blow-case for removal and elimination of produced condensates
  • Compact design with only a 4’ x 4’ footprint for ease of installation & utilization of space
  • Gas after-cooling of discharge gas for reinjection into either 1st stage of compression or into the compressor fuel gas system
  • Weather-proof enclosure available as option

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