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TESCORP was born in 1987, emerging as an innovative producer of gas emission recovery products. With an emphasis on the petroleum industry and vented gas emissions from produced oil stock tanks and associated hydrocarbon venting, TESCORP developed efficient, automated recovery systems to capture, contain, and process these vapors for their use instead of releasing them into the environment. TESCORP is a major producer of vent gas recovery systems with products that include stock tank vapor recovery units to recover hydrocarbon gases for oilfield production, in situ soil remediation units for use in gasoline spills at fueling stations, and vent gas recovery units to capture gases omitted from process equipment. These systems are produced for the forward-looking industries that recognize the environmental impact and economic value associated with the release AND safe capture of gases.


Today, TESCORP continues to be the go-to specialists in hydrocarbon gas recovery of methane and heavier gases that are listed as 25 times more detrimental as a greenhouse gas than that of CO2. These gases are captured instead of vented and then returned back into the process. TESCORP systems not only remove these emissions from the environment but add economic value to the customer's overall system by reusing them. The design and construction of the TESCORP units incorporate the highest efficiency components to produce the most efficient recovery with the least amount of expended energy.

TESCORP is Celebrating 35 Years!

Since 1987, TESCORP has been committed to creating clean energy solutions by designs that help eliminate emissions for the oil and petrochemical industries.

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