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When Dependable Performance is Critical

Customizable Two-Stage Reciprocating Compressor System

Two-stage Reciprocating Compressor
3 to 10 Horsepower
0 to 10 PSIG Inlet Pressure
Maximum Discharge Pressure 70 PSIG

Customizable Two-Stage Reciprocating Compressor System

BVR-2 Series

The TESCORP “BVR-2” SERIES is a completely self-contained compression system for applications for stock tank vapor recovery, flare gas recovery, or small-flow medium-pressure process gas applications. Constructed as a compact and fully-contained system with a Blackmer air-cooled, two-stage, pressure-lubricated, reciprocating gas compressor and TESCORP vapor recovery unit technology and components, the BVR-2 Vapor Recovery Unit is designed for applications in field gas or refinery process applications, where very saturated and/or corrosive gases must be processed.

The unit offers the following design and optional features:

Two-stage reciprocating compressor with:

  • Two-stage, lubricated cylinders
  • Pressure lubricated power-frame compressor
  • Single or multiple distance piece(s) and seal assembly(s)

Premium efficiency electric motor drive with:

  • TEFC enclosure, NEMA "B" torque, 1.15 service factor

Suction and inter-stage scrubbers are constructed per the following:

  • Designed, constructed, stamped and National Board certified per ASME Section VIII
  • 1/8” corrosion allowance
  • Condensate level controls, gauges, pump rated for flow and pressure

Piping materials, welding procedures, design and construction are per the following:

  • ANSI B31.3 latest edition

Vapor recovery control panel is designed per NEC Class I, Division II, Class B, C, & D with:

  • TESCORP vapor recovery logic, controls and indicators
  • Linear flow control logic with proportional bypass valve
  • DCS communication logic

BVR-2 Unit Construction:

  • All electrical components and wiring per NEC Class I, Division II, Class B,C,& D
  • All rotating equipment is fully protected with non-sparking guards
  • All units receive a complete mechanical/control run test with documentation


  • Motor starters and/or VFD drives
  • 2 or 3 piece distance piece and seal assemblies available
  • Sour gas trim for compressor available up to 8% H2S

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